Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

treasure hunting & visiting the sea

the cheesebus in portomaggiore

10 more empty frames, quite a find for a day. Frames have become starting points for new works. They give a pretty good definition about size and position and as we find them along our roads they carry some history within them. They can be quite influential.

Today we went treasure hunting. After we discovered that our favorite charity shop closed forever, we run into a great fleamarket (with a fantastic cheesebus) just around the corner. Then on to the next, with a small detour by the sea (it is striking, what an obligation this is, and what a sure way to encounter tourism, a very weird phenomena!).

We are heading north again and are looking forward very much to settling down for some days!

tina's view from the bed while klaus is driving
water traktor
short visit to the sea @ lido di volano
charity shop in ferrara
treasure hunting finds
location for the night

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