Freitag, 15. Mai 2015

first circle completed & next one to go

During leg 01 of our trip we completed a circle through northern Italy, discovered new Places to Stay and visited old ones, and got our GPS tracking to work, which will become a central tool for the future Nomadic Village. We made the acquaintance of two likeminded people, Günter and Barbara, who spend most of their lives on the road in their Volkswagen van pursuing their sports- and arts-interests. They also offer great adventures (here's their homepage in german)!

The Captain got on with his portrait work and spend some good time up in the air, while Tina worked on a graphic job that might pay for our broken alternator. Nomadic Village is now back at Oscar's Segheria picking up the Galeria Nowhere Caravan (travelling without it felt very light and easy, but we did miss the great extras it brings, like an oven, central heating). On sunday it's off for Cerkno, location for the first Village (see poster above).

We are also looking forward to meeting artists Andi Pils & Heidi Seppälä and their project 'In Different Light' tomorrow evening, and to their first stories fresh from the road (along with some trouts fresh from the lake).

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