Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Ding Dong

home sweet unusual home
This is a Nomadic Village for the early birds. Every day we will be woken at 7 by the bells. Ding Dong, how comes?!

Our arrival in Cerkno was quickly overshadowed by one very disruptive fact: The location was not accessible by The Bus, which is the center, the townhall, Klaus and Tina's home, everything and more. Bad news indeed...
We took the challenge. We had a look around. Everybody of the locals told us that there will be no chance. It's a mountainous place, and free and level pieces of land are a rarity. And that tiny charming spot snug behind the church? Small and impossible to have...

Impossible? That's a challenge for us! Yesterday the Village moved in, exactly onto that spot, and we feel a bit proud. And stubborn enough. And we never thought a priest would save us and the project. What a beautiful and simple 'yes, no problem'!
Our partners here and us are very happy. Being new and unprejudiced to the place we saved the Village and opened a new possibility in Cerkno, and isn't that exactly the quality that strangers can bring to a place? Ding Dong.

home sweet home!

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