Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

first meetings & a recipe for cake

We are very happy that our path crosses with Andrew & Caitlin Webb-Ellis. They can't be with us this year for the trip, but still they are the first Nomadic Village artists we meet, as they just have a short break from working at the Venice Biennale.

Andrew and Cailtin are UK based performers and film makers who live in their van „Mistress Enid Abbott“ full time. Spending time with them here in Valbruna is a great pleasure!

You can take a look at their work on their homepage: or on their fb-page:

This occasion called for some pictures and some cake. The Captain pulled out his camera and Tina made our favorite chocolate cake (the main reason we had to get an oven).

If you feel like baking yourself ... here’s the recipe (amounts for 4 servings):
150g butter - 150g chocolate - 80g baking sugar - 30 g flour

3 eggs - whip foamy

melt butter and chocolate on boiling water

add sugar - add flour - mix eggs with rest

fill in forms - 200°C - app. 15 min. - tataa... the cake should be half baked with a liquid center!

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