Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

ode to românia

one of many great spots to park up 14 meters
oh românia, where the nature is silken soft
oh românia, where people talk to strangers
oh românia, where a huge crazy set up is welcomed like it's an every day thing
oh românia, where people are just that: people
oh românia, where the land belongs to you & me

oh românia, we are glad we returned, we are glad your people are so chilled and real, we are glad your tomatoes still defy the EU, and we are also glad this year there are not so many mosquitos and horseflies

oh românia, it is embarassing what stupid opinions about romanians were put in people's heads by the populist western media

oh românia, we'll stay a lil' bit longer.

roadside lunch
toilet with a view
our location

Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

feeling understood: 1st artist in residence francisca alsua morchio

francisca alsua morchio
In 2015 we realized an idea that we've been having since years: A mobile residency. After being one of the artists of the Nomadic Village in Cerkno, Francisca Alsua Morchio joined us on the road for two weeks as the first artist in our itinerant residence. She travelled with us on the bus, had her atelier in the Galeria Nowhere Caravan and slept in her tent.
Francisa is a Chilenean artist and during the Nomadic Village and the residency she did collage paintings constructed with lighting gels. She made one collage on each place we stayed at, and left them for us and the Galeria Nowhere. She also left a suitcase filled with stories she had collected. Those stories went into her lovely blog transmutedstories, a read we strongly recommend!

But talking about Francisca is not possible by only mentioning her work. Francisca was the ideal travelling companion. She quickly understood why we do the Nomadic Village, embraced being part of it and supported our being on the road beyond what we could have hoped. She is one of the few people who (not without quite some struggle!) manages a great balance between being natural and emotional, and having (and standing up to) strong opinions without being shy about them.

We are thinking about calling this new residency program 'The Francisca Residency'...

Francisca's homepage

feeling appreciated: galeria nowhere @serbia

galeria nowhere in front of the townhall of sombor
We know that a small group of creative people can change the world.
In fact, they are the only ones so far, who have done it …

Credo of KleinHouse, our host in Subotica

After a series of spontaneous shows of the Galeria Nowhere travelling exhibition in a field and next to a cemetery in Croatia and in a squat in Slovenia, we arrived in Serbia with an exhibition program professionaly arranged by our friends Biljana and Srdjan (see previous post).
The only downside was that we had to get up at 6 a.m. for the show in Sombor, but the prestigeous location (permit thanks to Kulturni centar Laza Kostic Sombor) in front of the townhall more than made up for it. Upsides there were plenty; great audience (a lot of!), great spots, press, tv and more... plus a very rewarding feeling of being appreciated by people who invest themselves into alternativ arts and culture much the way we do. Actually we were made to feel much like the small creative group of people mentioned in KleinHouse's credo above.

Here are two links with more pictures of the exhibition in Subotica.
Galeria Nowhere @ KleinHouse on HétNap (photos: Szerda Zsófi)
and on GradSubotica

very open & interested people
@ KleinHouse, subotica
great audience
one interview after the other
coffe & cake as usual
galeria nowhere in front of KleinHouse
exhibition view
our host at KleinHouse, #likeminded
night show @the canal, sombor

    thanks also to the Austrian Cultural Forum of Belgrade for their support!

feeling welcome: biljana and srdjan

I haven't seen my serbian friends Srdjan and Biljana in over 5 years. I got to know them around 2008, we became very good friends and they helped me a lot. After 2010 the Nomadic Village was more west-bound and I felt sad that it didn't allow me to neither visit my friends Srdjan and Biljana, nor Serbia, a place that from the beginning felt like a second home to me. But in 2015 we managed to come back.

Immediately after I talked to Biljana about coming for June 2015 with the Galeria Nowhere, she started getting busy organising us places to show our travelling exhibition. Her support was amazing, and it resulted in 3 amazing shows (more soon).

The best thing was meeting them again! It made clear why I had missed them: The most considerate and generous hosts, a laid back atmosphere, Srdjan's beautiful house and garden, the cutest dogs ever, and the mutual feeling of being welcome and appreciated. Finally the much sought after place to relax & enjoy for a bit!
Being supportive of our project seems to be the most natural thing to them, something we have learned to value as something very precious!

Thank you Biljana and Srdjan, and we will definatly be back next year!

Montag, 15. Juni 2015

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

galeria nowhere @ sombor 1

the bus & the galeria nowhere in front of the former townhall of sombor
Today at 6am we drove into the center of Sombor to set up the Galeria Nowhere. We invited people to have a look at the exhibition and offered coffe & cake. Klaus put up his large format camera and invited interested guests to have a look through his magic box. At noon we packed up and drove to a nice spot at the edge of sombor next to the "beach" to show our gallery and set up tonight.
klaus welcoming guests in front of the galeria nowhere

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

Transmuted stories: Badljevina

Transmuted stories: Badljevina: This project started as some sort of travel-log that instead of narrating on-road adventures, would focus on harvesting memories from peopl...

Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

staying at the cemetery

galeria nowhere @ ivans field

the gallery blackboard & map with stations of the bus
inside the gallery
lights on!

ivans field

our set up from ivans hunting hut
We drove into Croatia and found ourselves a nice hiding spot to relax for a while after the busy days in Cerkno and Metelkova. Not long after we set up Ivan (who owns the field) drove up and welcomed us to stay as long as we wish.

You can read more about Ivan on Franciscas blog: transmuted stories
klaus exploring ivans hunting hut

roadside treats

 Once again we ran into some elder flowers. If you feel like trying fried elder flower....
 here is the recipe:


150g flour
1 tablespoon sugar
a hint of salt
1 tablespoon nice vegetable oil
1/8 l milk
2 eggs
8-12 elder flowers

* mix all ingredients until you get a rather liquid dough
* take flowers on the stem an soak them in the dough
* fry in a pan with lots of oil
* serve with sugar on top
* you can also add some jam or compott if you like