Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

feeling appreciated: galeria nowhere @serbia

galeria nowhere in front of the townhall of sombor
We know that a small group of creative people can change the world.
In fact, they are the only ones so far, who have done it …

Credo of KleinHouse, our host in Subotica

After a series of spontaneous shows of the Galeria Nowhere travelling exhibition in a field and next to a cemetery in Croatia and in a squat in Slovenia, we arrived in Serbia with an exhibition program professionaly arranged by our friends Biljana and Srdjan (see previous post).
The only downside was that we had to get up at 6 a.m. for the show in Sombor, but the prestigeous location (permit thanks to Kulturni centar Laza Kostic Sombor) in front of the townhall more than made up for it. Upsides there were plenty; great audience (a lot of!), great spots, press, tv and more... plus a very rewarding feeling of being appreciated by people who invest themselves into alternativ arts and culture much the way we do. Actually we were made to feel much like the small creative group of people mentioned in KleinHouse's credo above.

Here are two links with more pictures of the exhibition in Subotica.
Galeria Nowhere @ KleinHouse on HétNap (photos: Szerda Zsófi)
and on GradSubotica

very open & interested people
@ KleinHouse, subotica
great audience
one interview after the other
coffe & cake as usual
galeria nowhere in front of KleinHouse
exhibition view
our host at KleinHouse, #likeminded
night show @the canal, sombor

    thanks also to the Austrian Cultural Forum of Belgrade for their support!

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