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feeling understood: 1st artist in residence francisca alsua morchio

francisca alsua morchio
In 2015 we realized an idea that we've been having since years: A mobile residency. After being one of the artists of the Nomadic Village in Cerkno, Francisca Alsua Morchio joined us on the road for two weeks as the first artist in our itinerant residence. She travelled with us on the bus, had her atelier in the Galeria Nowhere Caravan and slept in her tent.
Francisa is a Chilenean artist and during the Nomadic Village and the residency she did collage paintings constructed with lighting gels. She made one collage on each place we stayed at, and left them for us and the Galeria Nowhere. She also left a suitcase filled with stories she had collected. Those stories went into her lovely blog transmutedstories, a read we strongly recommend!

But talking about Francisca is not possible by only mentioning her work. Francisca was the ideal travelling companion. She quickly understood why we do the Nomadic Village, embraced being part of it and supported our being on the road beyond what we could have hoped. She is one of the few people who (not without quite some struggle!) manages a great balance between being natural and emotional, and having (and standing up to) strong opinions without being shy about them.

We are thinking about calling this new residency program 'The Francisca Residency'...

Francisca's homepage

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