Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

final Galeria Nowhere 2015, Österreich

galeria nowhere artists
After the Nomadic Village we took a week off to gather our strenghts for the final leg of our project: Touring the Galeria Nowhere through Austria.
We visited some nice and prestigious spots. This was possible mostly thanks to:
a) friends & supporters
b) not bothering about permits & legality anymore

Again we had a lot of the rewarding moments and felt that we touched and inspired people. If just we could feed & drive on that...

Now we arrived at the fantastic Schmiede where we will immerse in different kinds of nerdism and work towards 2015's finissage of the Galeria Nowhere. See you there!

in front of the Esterhazy Castle, Eisenstadt (Thanks to Conny!)
attracting audience at 36 degrees
on the road in Dürnbach, thanks to Michi & Gildo!
roadside in Dürnbach
illegal exhibition in front of the Opera, Graz
what if inspiring people could fill up the tank....

view of the townhall
@Schmiede, finally with our own street