Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

feeling welcome: biljana and srdjan

I haven't seen my serbian friends Srdjan and Biljana in over 5 years. I got to know them around 2008, we became very good friends and they helped me a lot. After 2010 the Nomadic Village was more west-bound and I felt sad that it didn't allow me to neither visit my friends Srdjan and Biljana, nor Serbia, a place that from the beginning felt like a second home to me. But in 2015 we managed to come back.

Immediately after I talked to Biljana about coming for June 2015 with the Galeria Nowhere, she started getting busy organising us places to show our travelling exhibition. Her support was amazing, and it resulted in 3 amazing shows (more soon).

The best thing was meeting them again! It made clear why I had missed them: The most considerate and generous hosts, a laid back atmosphere, Srdjan's beautiful house and garden, the cutest dogs ever, and the mutual feeling of being welcome and appreciated. Finally the much sought after place to relax & enjoy for a bit!
Being supportive of our project seems to be the most natural thing to them, something we have learned to value as something very precious!

Thank you Biljana and Srdjan, and we will definatly be back next year!

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