Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2015

finding places & outdoor office

Ha Ha, Portomaggiore... if you follow this blog you know that this was the destination today. But we remembered that driving is a long Zen practice about moving slow and comfortably, getting lost and being found by places.

It is great to be out here! The beginning of a 6 months journey is (still) an unpredictable time. Will the world treat us well? Will we be lucky? Will The Bus reliably carry us through all the potholes?

Every afternoon when we finish with that Zen and we look for a place for the evening and the night, uncertainty comes creeping back. It doesn't look welcoming around here, we get lost, The Bus has to climb up some steep and scary hills, and it's getting late. And the world winks and says: There it is, the next incredible place to stay.

Feels like we are on the right track! And Portamaggiore still will be there tomorrow. And the day after...

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