Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

small luxuries on the road

The small luxuries on the road: A hot shower, solid internet, toilets, a washing machine...  We checked into a place for a few days to enjoy some of this. Another dogma down, because officially this is a campsite, and campsites are bad. Officially...

We are gathering our strenghts. Next week the first Village starts in Cerkno/Slovenia, and we are looking forward to an exciting time. Cerkno seems like a good place, and our partners on site are great. But still, being the Mayors will demand a lot of attention. It's not just the obvious things like set up, infrastructure, responsibility and all. Seeing (and tweaking) the small details, reacting to or balancing the social dynamics within the group of artists, relating our work and lives to the public in a friendly way; this is what makes this project special and what can leave us happy and deeply exhausted after a Nomadic Village is over.

our place of residence for a few days
with pool & sunshine

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