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ulric roldanus: home sweet home

article by ulric roldanus

at home around Brasov
Ending my pilgrimage by bycicle from Medjugorje to Csiksomlyo/Miercurea Ciuc meant staying some days in the Nomadic Village itself, as they were hosting my project, so to say.
So after a first encounter with Tina and Klaus in Sighisoara, I set up my tent for the last few days in the 'Village' now based on the hills just outside of Brasov. And here we found time and space to share our thoughts on Nomadism, creativity, art-projects and other smaller issues that can occur in our lives.
For me it was a time to rest a bit physically, but at the same time my head and heart continued at full speed developing new ideas for art-works and collecting some basic materials for them as well.
And now that I'm almost at the end of the line here, I must say that I'm also looking forward to returning to my studio to complete my contribution to the Nomadic Village in a different way, by making pieces for the Galeria Nowhere.
Although the track up to here -espescially at first- felt quite rough by times, arriving on these hills in Romania and settling in in the Village feels indeed as Klaus said: "Home sweet home!"
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