Montag, 27. Juli 2015


our homebase, Dreistetten, Austria
We managed to return back home and what's the prominent feeling? We want to return to so many places!

The longest itinerary in years brought us to a load of amazing people and places. We still can't believe the plentitude of intense experiences, strong impressions, great surprises and gratifying activities we have been through; how uplifting it can be to meet strangers and become friends; in how many ways our core interest is interpreted by different artists; how nice it is to have a bit of soap opera of people's drama along the way, but also a distraction.

It is reassuring how our grand set up held together. Only two small fixes on appr. 4000 km, and the big break down only happened when we arrived back in the garden at our homebase. Nice vehicles!

Now it is time to take that huge amount of inspiration and look ahead. We will make a final exhibition at the end of the coming Nomadic Village, and take it on a tour through Austria. We'll work our view of the plentitude of impressions into an exhibition tinski and the Captain are having in Vienna in December. And we'll happily plan a future in which the Nomadic Village will return to:

-small but dangers and CMAK in Cerkno
-Žiga and the fantastic location at the abandoned pool in Vrhnika
-Srdjan andBiljana, and their tranquil garden in Subotica
-KleinHouse, also Subotica
-finally Art Klinika, maybe we'll just illegally exhibit in Novi Sad's public space
-a thousand places and people in Romania we didn't have enough time to stay 
-Conny in Wurmloch who, like so many other people in Romania, made us feel
-Mircea, Crinu and all the other pilots from Brasov
-Ulric, we'll meet in Amstelveen soon
-Lis, with whom we are sure our paths will cross again. And again.
-Francisca, our first artist in a mobile residency, once we find a way to go to
-Andrew and Caitlin, who just got themselves a mini coach!

Thanks for being on the road with us! We are off now for the final Nomadic Village on Hohe Wand. Hooray!

a memorable meeting with some pilots in Brasov
driving back home

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